Seth Glier w. King Margo at The Parlor Room

Seth Glier

King Margo

The Parlor Room
All Ages
Seth Glier w. King Margo at The Parlor Room


ADV/$20, DOOR/$25


Seth Glier (pronounced “Gleer”) recorded his new album, Birds, in an airy loft in western Massachusetts outfitted with a grand piano and floor-to-ceiling windows. Birds roost just outside those windows, on the roof of the converted mill building where he lives, and they became his sympathetic audience while Glier made the album. “I felt a tremendous amount of comfort talking to the birds,” he says “I’d check in with them regularly to see how they thought things were going so far.”

Birds is steeped in conflict and contradiction; there’s grief and loss, but also strength and resilience; doubt and dismay, but also a sense of optimism as Glier confronts heavy topics and wrestles them into the daylight. The album began taking shape after Glier lost his brother, Jamie, who died in October 2015, and inspired a TED Talk performance that Glier gave in 2016. The songs range from personal to political, and are bound together by the awareness that our world is a fragile place. Birds is Glier’s latest album in a burgeoning career that has included a Grammy nomination and touring with artists such as Ani DiFranco and Marc Cohn.


Both Rachel and Lucciana are lifelong performers, road warriors, session players and recording artists. They share a songwriting sensibility rooted in keen humor set to a solid groove, and their genre influences range from Willie Nelson to No Doubt. They live in Nashville, Tennessee and are touring through 2020 in support of their successful debut record Barely Gettin By.

Rachel and Lucciana are known for putting on high-energy, fun, and musically adept shows. The two women are also avid rock climbers, hikers, and snowboarders, and they are the first musicians to partner with Access Fund to advocate on Capitol Hill for land protection and conservation.

Venue Information:
The Parlor Room
32 Masonic St
Northampton, MA, 01060