Threesies at The Parlor Room

Threesies at The Parlor Room

The Parlor Room
All Ages
Threesies at The Parlor Room


$12/ADV, $15/DOOR

THREESIES with Special Guests Jerks on the Loose, Tracy Grammer, Wishbone Zoe)

Valley All-Star musicians:

Jim Henry (Tracy Grammer, Mary Chapin Carpenter) – vocs, guitar, mandolin

Chris Brashear (Alice Gerard, Robin and Linda Williams) – vocs, fiddle, mandolin

Anand Nayak (Grammy-nominated producer, Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem) – vocs, guitar

Christopher Haynes (Young at Heart Chorus) - keyboards

Kay McKinstry (Jerks on the Loose) - vocs

Jason Smith (Fancy Trash, Johnny Memphis) – drums, percussion

J.J. O'Connell (Spouse, Heather Maloney) – vocs, drums, percussion

Paul Kochanski (Lori McKenna, Ronnie Earl) – vocs, bass, wrangling

United in the Eradication of the Tyranny of 4/4 time in popular song form by celebrating the power and diversity of Three-based time signatures. 
The beauty of 3/4, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8 time - waltzes - jigs - strolls - for the Entirety of the Performance! A Legend-building experience with Special Guests, surprises and Fun!

Venue Information:
The Parlor Room
32 Masonic St
Northampton, MA, 01060