Peter Mulvey w/ Special Guest Matt the Electrician

Peter Mulvey w/ Special Guest Matt the Electrician

matt the electrician

Fri · November 30, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

The Parlor Room

$18/Adv, $22/Door

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This event is all ages

Peter Mulvey
Peter Mulvey
Peter Mulvey is a veteran singer and songwriter from

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He began his career on the streets of

Dublin, Ireland, as a busker, and from there moved on to

performing in the subways and streets of Boston,

Massachusetts. This led to his first record deal and a leap to

full-time national and international touring, beginning in the early


Mulvey is an iconoclast within the singer/songwriter world.

Restless and inventive, he has made seventeen records,

spanning rock and roll, folk, Jazz, spoken word, and Americana.

A long-standing gig at the National Youth Science Camp led to

a spoken word piece, “Vlad the Astrophysicist”, which became a

TEDx talk, and then an illustrated book. In 2007 he began an

annual late summer tour by bicycle instead of by car and

airplane- the 10th annual bicycle tour will happen this

September. He has taught songwriting and guitar workshops at

the Swannanoa Gathering and at various folk festivals across

the U.S.

In 2015, “Take Down Your Flag”, his song about the victims of

the shooting at the AME Emanuel Church in Charleston,

reached 200,000 people when many songwriters, including Ani

DiFranco, Anais Mitchell, Keb’ Mo, Paula Cole, & Jeff Daniels,

re-wrote the middle verse and posted their own videos of the

song. This movement led to an online benefit concert, and a

deepening of the friendship between Mulvey and DiFranco.

Early in 2016 DiFranco produced “Are You Listening?”, Peter

Mulvey’s 17th record, which will be released March 24th on

Righteous Babe Records.

Mulvey continues to tour, playing over a hundred shows a year

as he has for the past twenty five years. This is the core of what

he does: music, in a room, performed for a live audience.
matt the electrician
matt the electrician
Matt the Electrician crafts sharp narratives with equal measures heart and home. Evidence: It’s a Beacon, It’s a Bell. The longtime Austin resident’s excellent new album showcases a seasoned songwriter in top form. “Look out the window at the road rushing by,” he sings on the stunning “Muddy Waters.”
“The shatterproof glass breaking up in your eyes/Your own private movie where things fall apart/Everyone’s trying to break your heart.” Details whittled from real experience frequently fortify his songs.
“Muddy Waters” backs the claim. Matt dreamed up the song as he drove around Austin with his 12-year-old daughter after a big storm. Water under the Lamar Bridge was brown and green, colors he thought an interesting mix. “Yeah, it’s dirty, Dad,” his daughter said, unimpressed. “Muddy Waters” deftly charts our decidedly varying perceptions at different times in our lives and with age comes an acute awareness that everything moves in cycles. Listen closely. Lessons quickly emerge within the song’s ebb and flow.
Like “Muddy Waters,” Matt’s songs typically mirror his family life and the complexities of living as a touring musician and father, often far from home, on the move and unable to be in touch. Accordingly, It’s a Beacon, It’s a Bell offers several uniquely personal and autobiographical portraits brimming with universal truths.
High watermarks deliver stark snapshots as engaging as enlivening. Sparse landscapes guide the journey. In fact, Matt has wanted to make this stripped-down record, a collection entirely with just guitar and vocals, for some time. These songs simply fit the mood. In some cases, they’re admittedly quieter by nature and comfortable to play without accompaniment and longtime fans certainly will celebrate the evolution. While Matt has a local band, he tours internationally as a solo act and the most common question he hears on the road: “Hey, which record sounds like what you just did?” Well, It’s a Beacon, It’s a Bell finally offers the answer.
Venue Information:
The Parlor Room
32 Masonic Street
Northampton, MA, 01060